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I look for ANY job in Pula (Zagreb)

Dear fellows,

Does someone know any permanent job in Pula?
I would be happy to do binman or road sweeper job as well.
I have 5 universities. Speak German, English fluently. Have 8 years work experience in the UK (England). Because of my health I decided to move to Pula, Croatia as the sea air can help with my central nerve system problems (I have some oxygen failure problems, not enough treonin aminoacid in my blood, and too much serium globulin in the blood which causes mood swings, tiredness and other mental issues).

I am happy to do physical or professional work as well.

Please advize me with some company names (like the binman company) I can contact. I am also happy to offer salary deduction if someone were so kind and employ me for at least 6 months.

Thank you very much for your kindness and humanity.

Kind regards,

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