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Less Expats to expect in 2013 (Zagreb)

The Government has decided to reduce the number of new work permits for foreigners in Protected content 60% to 329, as the number of unemployed Croatians grew to over 357,000 on December 26, marking thus the lowest number of foreign work permits since they are issued, JUTARNJI LIST reports. At the same time, for approximately 2,000 foreigners who worked in Croatia in Protected content , work permits will be prolonged.
Protected content to comment on the low number of the work permits, the Labor and the Pension System Minister Mirando Mrsic said that the number of Protected content work permits is only corresponding to the number of work permits that was sought this year by employers. “Foreigners will be employed immediately for those jobs because Croatia does not have personnel of that profile available,” said Mrsic, adding however that “there is no logic for the Government in granting work permits to foreigners if domestic labor can fill those jobs.”
Protected content LIST informs that the work permit were terminated for eligibility for workers in the construction of shipbuilding sectors, while Mrsic explained that the Government rejected employers’ requests for the increase in the quota for construction sector permits since “sufficient numbers of construction workers are unemployed in Croatia.”
Protected content , according to economic analyst Zeljko Lovrincevic, Croatia has a deficit of workers specialized in specific industries, while the majority of the unemployed have only a general knowledge in a certain occupation which is no longer sufficient in the labor market.
Economists also contend that one of the reasons for increasing unemployment is Croatians’ reluctance to relocate within the country, JUTARNJI LIST reports. According to economist Mladen Vedris, this problem exists amongst experienced workers and also amongst youth. “When I asked students completing their studies in Zagreb whether they would apply for jobs in Pazin or Djakovo, the majority looked at me disappointedly and said they would do so only if they were still unemployed after seeking a job for a year in Zagreb. However, When I asked them if they would work abroad, over 80% said they would leave immediately,” said Vedris

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