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Looking for professional work in Croatia! (Zagreb)

Dobar dan svima!

I am new to this community. My boyfriend and I are both of Croatian descent and soon completing our studies and want to move to Croatia. We do not have any specific city or region to live/work in however, my family is from Karlovac/Duga Resa and his family is form Istra/Porec. We plan on applying for our Croatian citizenship through the Croatian consulate in Toronto soon.

We are seeking professional work and below I will list our education.

Bachelor of Arts Major Geography. Minor Geomatics and Spatial Analysis (Mapping, GIS, remote sensing, aerial photography) & Minor in English
Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning
Masters Certificate in Transportation/Transit Planning
(I have over 1 year of experience in urban planning and transportation)

College diploma in Automotive Engineering and design
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Environmental
(Peter has about 3 years experience in automotive but also has interests in Boat/naval engineering or any environmental engineering subjects as he is currently designing geothermal heating and cooling for neighbourhoods)

Any help is much appreciated! Our families are trying to help but they do not have many connections in these professional worlds.


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