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Workshop: UK Bribery Act & its local implications (Zagreb)

The UK Bribery Act has a broad jurisdictional reach and covers any company that has a UK office, employees who are UK citizens, or provides any services to a UK organization or company. Penalties for violations of the law include heavy fines and possible jail terms. The broad jurisdictional reach of the UK Bribery Act means that many companies are likely to be affected. We will explain both the basic provisions of the UK Bribery Act, related legislation in Croatia, and how to ensure that your company is compliant at our UK Bribery Act Workshop in Zagreb, Croatia on March 19, Protected content . For further information or to register your interest, please contact Biljana Vidović at Protected content .

Why attend:

• Croatian based companies that ‘carry on business’ in the UK can fall under the jurisdiction of the Act. This means that they do not have to be incorporated in the UK. Merely selling some of their products there to suppliers or providing services there from time to time would suffice.

• Croatian based Companies with British Employees, or that have a subsidiary in the UK, or a subsidiary that carries on business on the UK can fall under the jurisdiction of the Act.

• The corruption does not have to occur in the UK, it can happen anywhere.

• It is worth attending this short event in order to see if there is a possibility that the Act could apply to your business. What have you got to lose?

• Practical examples will be provide in order to make things as clear as possible.

• A free ‘take home’ anti-corruption factsheet will be provided containing key points, facts and practical examples which should be of assistance to any compliance officers in Croatian companies.

• Unlimited fines can apply/Potential for criminal liability.

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