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aerial yoga (Zurich)

aerial yoga

The more space in your body and mind – the freer and ultimately the happier you can be!

In this Aerial Yoga class your spine and neck can finally feel light and free through the decompression and gentle joint traction. Your body gains new awareness through receiving impulses by constantly balancing and strengthening until the thinking falls away. Benefit from increased core stability, stronger arms and thighs while nurturing your playfulness and self-confidence.

Some moves will be new though you will always feel safe – some moves are easier in the hammock and a gentle preparation for your body and helpful to release tension of any kind. Eventually aerial yoga complements any sort of work-out routine and guiding you deeper, fuller and stronger into it.

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The Aerial yoga class takes place for Internations members exklusively on
Thursday, 23
6pm to 7.30pm
at Brigitte Gymnastik, Zürich Binz

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