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Burnout prevention retreat May 16/17 20min from ZH (Zurich)

Immerse yourself in a healing ranch yoga and horsemanship experience high above the clouds of Zug/Zurich, Switzerland!

If you are stressed out, burning the candle from both ends or just need a break – give yourself a weekend for a reset of your mind, body and soul with yoga, meditation and horsemanship. The unique combination of “equine assisted mindfulness” (mindfulness skills developed through interaction with horses) with target yoga and meditation, specifically designed for stress release, brings balance and harmony to the system.

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This highly effective two-day retreat takes you away from the daily grind and allows you to be, relax, de-stress and unwind. Equine assisted mindfulness is fast becoming recognized as an innovative approach to assist people of all ages in increasing their levels of self-awareness, and in doing so, facilitating improvements in areas such as stress release, self-confidence, boundary setting, teamwork, communication or leadership skills. It works beautifully in combination with yoga and meditation practices, specifically designed to release tension, burn toxins (physical and emotional) so that you can experience peace, relaxation and clarity. For thousands of years, the yoga system was taught to help purify the body and mind, so that a practitioner can burn karma and awaken their soul. As you travel through our program and achieve more balance and lightness, you will be able to go within, get centered and recharge, all while the horse will guide your gently through the process.

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Day 1, start 9am
Welcome and Intro
Meet the horses
Yoga / Meditation – Reconnect to self
Pick your equine partner
Equine assisted mindfulness
Horsemanship (energy management)
Take home tools.
Open discussion, tea and cake
End Day 1 ca. 5pm

Sleep arrangements cannot be provided. For transport to and from the ranch, please send a PM.

Day 2, start 9am
Meet and greet the horse
Walk or ride the horse to yoga
Energy block release / chakra balancing yoga and meditation
Walk or ride the horse back to the ranch
Horsemanship in round pen, horse whispering
Take home tools
Open discussion, tea and cake
End Day 2 ca. 5pm

Participants limited to 10.

Address / directions:

Stall Luci
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Ziegelhof 2
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Come join us! You will have a blast!
Howdy and Namaste

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