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Commodity trading (Zurich)

I am absolutely passionate about commodities and the trading business. Every end product starts with at least one commodity and the steps that make up the process stands for the hard work, energy, effort and love put into the creation of this particular product.

We will always be in need of commodities, and the supply determines what we are paying for our end products. I think it´s fascinating to see all the different factors that can cause the supply to drop or to increase. And besides a for example bad coffee crop season, that can cause the coffee prices to increase, the demand will remain strong.

My goal is to become a commodity trader but I know far too little to even know where to start looking for a job in this field. There I would very much appreciate any advice or tips on where to start looking for jobs in this field. Furthermore which diplomas are required, are there particular studies (maybe in Zurich) that I could follow to obtain more information on the commodity trading business?

Thanks in advance and have a great Sunday evening!!

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