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Does anyone open to law here? I've got a problem. (Zurich)


I have this one friend who is working in a watch shop,
but accidentally sold a very expensive X Protected content watch into X00 chf price.

The watch shop owner tells her to pay, and acc to my friend he said he check twice before selling, that he took the right price. (idk if its card reader problem or not.)

Fyi, he is a student- working as a trainee there just for short months.

plus, the owner was just yelling and telling him to pay the whole price of that "expensive watch", and he was in panic, he just said yes, yes.

That money is like a big~~ amount in Asia, you can start up a small business.

I really dont understand why they'd let a trainee sell such a big priced watch.

I kinda want to help him, but I know not a single twinkle.
Is there an way kinda to solve this s*** problem???

Can anyone help me?? I need comments!

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