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Engineer / Project Leader /Physicist Looking for n (Zurich)

Dear members ,
First of all, I would like to thank you for your kindness and agreement for considering potential fruitful exchanges within Internations.
If I am sending you today this message, it is because I am facing professional difficulties in finding issues. Despite numerous projects, the financial situation cannot lead to effective launching of projects with collaborators.
Thus, I ask of your kindness for considering my situation and eventually your suggestions.
Upon your request I can forward you my CV.
If there is a “ Take Home Message” about my career till today, then I would sum up as:

% Engineer-Physicist, I have been in charge of several projects from their feasibility assessments to the planning achievements and henceforth international collaborations. I am able to offer you concretely the following features:

• Rigor and Synthesis in planning – Organizational Skills
• Ability to work in a medical or pharmacological environment
• Multidisciplinary – Quick Adaptation
• Facility of Integration and Team Spirit
• Skills for solving challenges even with a reduced financial context
• Strengths in achieving projects in different domains
• Capacity for working hard and selecting close collaborators for the best ad equation Integrated-Solutions versus Timing

At your disposal,

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Thierry-Philippe Picornell

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