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English Alphabetical Listing of Names in Spanish (Zurich)

Attempting to incorporate a fair number of names in Spanish according to an alphabetical list in the English language. For example: under which letter would the following names be listed? Afranio do Pompilo Gastos - under "do", Pampilo" or "Gastos"? (Brazilian snake venom expert)
Luis Muñoz Marin - under Muñoz or Marin? - of Puerto Rico
Marcos Pêrez Jimênez - Pêrez or Jimênez? of Venezuela

I can't distinguish between "double first names", "middle names" or "double last names" - ARE THERE SPECIFIC RULES ON THIS

Have asked several fluent in Spanish, but not native language and have not a clue!
Any real assistance (have possibly 10 more) a bottle of TEQUILA is will be sent anywhere in Switzerland

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