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German Conversation events (Zurich)


Some of you know that I am organizing a weekly event where non mother tongue speakers meet to speak "orderly" German. Although I am not a professional teacher and the event is for socializing (not a class) you can develop your speaking there.

People who like can chat with me and I am correcting (if wanted) and give hints what to say and how - not to be misunderstood. I have been living here for 11 years, able to speak Swiss German as well. We are also talking about cultural stuff and differences between Swiss and High German.

Sometimes same word has the opposite meaning here and there :-) Example? "Ich bin angefressen".

At the moment the event was organized in glocals only. If there is interest in Internations, I could post it here as well.

So let me know whether you are interested. Ah forgot ... it is for free. I accept a free drink if you feel like :-)


I have a basic membership only - cannot write here at the moment.

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