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Improving your social skills (Zurich)


An online questionnaire with a follow-up counseling session
with Psychologist

Understanding oneself is one of the most important prerequisites for an optimal social coexistence, be it in work, family or society.

Thanks to the test procedure of GPI© (Grundrichtung der Prioritäten aus Individualpsychologischer Sicht) you can discover yourself, understand your own behavior and ultimately respond better to yourself and to your social environment.

You will gain extensive knowledge of your strengths and how you can make better use of them in the future. Furthermore, the test results will give you an understanding of why you have particular weaknesses and provide a clear insight into where personal development is needed.

Scientific background
Inspired by the urge to understand the human being, Alfred Adler founded and developed one of the three schools of depth psychology: individual psychology.
Adler’s interpretation of the single personality and its consequences concerning one’s lifestyle, form a simple and applicable technique. Today, through this it is now possible to scientifically understand and diagnose human behavior.

Based on the work of Nira Kefir and Theo Schoenaker, the present version of GPI© has been refined through many years of work by Coachingplus GmbH, Embrach, Switzerland.

The testing procedure engenders no ‘losers’ but rather shows concrete, actively-oriented ways of utilizing an individual’s potential. Identifying our priorities gives us an understanding of our basic beliefs, respectively our patterns of thinking and acting. The evaluation is conducted in the form of a conversation.

1. The questionnaire is completed online in about 15 minutes.
2. We then make an appointment for a counseling session of 60 minutes at our office
in downtown Zurich.

The cost for the test evaluation is CHF 20. - and for the counseling session CHF 100. -
The total of CHF 120. - is to be paid in cash directly after the session.

You will receive the evaluation on paper as well as a document, of more than 4 pages, with detailed descriptions of your personal tendencies of behavior in private and work life, including leadership functions.

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