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Internship for senior entrepreneurs (Zurich)


Internship for senior entrepreneurs

We are looking for partners with experience that kept their heart open for continues learning, are still passionated visionaries, and see the world challenges with joyful eyes, creating fun out of business entrepreneurship.

Do you like to solve your world by nurturing the roots of "human-self-awareness and self-responsibility", by actiing directly on the foundations necessary for change ?


The nature of our business projects:

"Self-awareness applied will solve the human factor variable of the global sustainable development equation." ~ L D Maldonado Fonken

Self-awareness applied is a new business stream, human based, heart based, consciousness based.

We go deeper into solving the human factor of sustainability, beyond culture, business process, resources management, energy or environment.

We work at the field where perception defines outcomes, emotions colour decisions, behaviour creates quality of process, human collaboration, responsibility and organization awareness defines success, innovation and creativity ensure the sustainability of the company.

The internship is suggested to professionals of any stream. Into this field of work, a new path working on an old issue, brings broad alternatives for professional development and business innovation.

Our Learning-by-doing internship have been designed in order to transfer know how, application of models, standards, methods, skills and tangible capacity to participate in our projects and collaborate with our teams

We are taking over the field of business, replacing the old model of business-profit-oriented, by a business-sustainable-development oriented where humans self-awareness and consciousness are the fundations for management, emotions play a key role for decision making and define quality of organic sustainable business process.

Candidates to interns in Switzerland should :

* Swiss-nationals
* English speaker
* Ability to work online
* Interest into multidisciplinary and multicultural working environment
* Ability to work and learn out of the box
* Entrepreneurial attitude
* have a home-office / coworking partner / stable office-business on going / free lancer (already some business activity )
* Requested time availability per week starts at 3 hrs/ week.

* Any professional background is welcome
* The internship offers 5 stages, developed along Protected content .

Interns are welcome integrate the internship process to their standard business or professional activity.

Academic skills wont define the quality of a pioener process of development. So dont feel limited by your diplomas or previouse professional experience, feel open to work interdiscplinary, enter a new field of work-business, with your innovative capacity, adaptation, creativity, inspiration and entrepreneurial skills.


Review our current work:

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you will find in our sites additional projects we are developing.

We will invite interns, at the week 3 or 5 of the programm, to join any of our projects, according to skills shown.


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Business line manager
Business line assistant

Project Manager
Project manager assistant
Project developer

Project team member: multidisciplinary team and tasks.

* Every project is a challenge in terms of creativity, sustainability and self-sustainability.

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