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Looking for a job, I have a variety of skills ! (Zurich)

Hi all,
I'm 32, female, temporarily in Zuerich for a research residency as an independent curator... I had plans to do two more abroad but unfortunately I didn't receive the financing which I was told I was most certainly going to receive! :( So, I need a back-up plan, and I'm looking into staying in Zuerich (I like the city) thus looking for a job in the area, to start asap, latest in June.

My main area of experience is creative / organisational in the fields of contemporary art and culture (private galleries, internationa biennials, residency institutions), but without a brilliant German it's realistically impossible to get something paid in my sector... I would be happy with some other type of job for a year while learning the language (I'm starting my A2 intensive course today). I'm Italian, almost have always studied and worked in English, plus I can understand French, Spanish and quite a bit of Portuguese.

I have experience and references in:
- the art sector including complex exhibition organisation and high-end events for sponsors
- the hospitality/food industry (I worked as a head-chef in the Alps during the past summer season, plus as a barista in a fruit and vegs juice bar in London).. I have a passion for food since I was a child and I can easily run a small restaurant (had to run the kitchen for a 60 seats restaurant with only one assistant; we had a-la-carte menu for lunch and fixed menu 4 courses for dinner, often having two dinner rounds).
- the retail/promotion sector: extensive experience at trade shows and in shops in the UK and Italy as a promo-girl especially for beauty, health and IT products; experience as a shop assistant in ladieswear shop in Dublin
- teaching: I have given classes of Italian as a foreign language, and drawing/ painting classes in London
- the floristry sector

If anyone has tips or know someone who's looking please drop me a line! thanks!

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