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Looking for an employment in Zurich, Switzerland!

Dear Friends,

I was lucky to receive various experiences in my life and to be able to study and work in different fields and businesses such as Lifestyle, Accounting,Luxury Travel and others. It helped me understand my strong interest and desire to continue working in International Marketing and Branding especially in Luxury Hospitality Industry as the industry of unique and exclusive products and services that brings value for customers and actually makes them a bit or a lot happier. That`s why I decided to go to – the country (Switzerland) where a lots of luxury brands, high standard of living and an enormous opportunities to expand their businesses to CIS’s markets.

I would like to share my experiences and knowledge with international company in Marketing and Sales, for Luxury brands and Lifestyle companies (Travel, Events, Consulting).

I`m currently based in Almaty, (Kazakhstan) but within a week I am moving to Zurich, Switzerland.
Please PM me if you need further information and I would be glad to share it.

I`m looking forward to hearing from you soon!


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