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Nelson Pub in Zürich... an anti-gay pub? (Zurich)

I don't know if anyone saw it, but Nelsons Pub in Zürich were in the media this week for an alleged anti-gay discrimination incident that involved two gay guys getting thrown out of the bar by a doorman for kissing Protected content

Nelsons posted a rebuttal on their website, but it reads somewhat badly and insensitively, so whoever wrote it is clearly not gifted at PR and just taking the doormans word as fact. Protected content

This allegedly happened despite the fact that kissing and heavy petting is going on all night with Hetero couples on any busy weekend evening.

There is an admin of a very large Facebook expat group with ties to Nelsons trying to suppress this knowledge among the expat community, presumably to shield the pub from any negative attention, so read the articles etc and make your own mind up if you want to support an establishment that employs staff who are potentially discriminatory against gays.