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'Nordic Light' at Amber: a great party - thanks! (Zurich)

Hi all,

this was the second time that I attended the 'Nordic Light' party at Amber Club in Zurich. Again I didn't see any known face from the Internations community?

The persons that signed up where the same that I met at the Internations events.

At my first Amber event - the one before Christmas on 23rd. There were over Protected content attend".
Why do people sign up and don't show up?

Why should Jasmine be blamed for that.

Couldn't the members of Internations be so polite and cancel if they don't attend.

On my first visit I left after one beer - being frustrated that there weren't any known faces - despite the good clubbing atmosphere.

Last Friday I had to stay over in Zurich anyway and decided to give the 'Nordic Light' party at Amber Club a second chance.

There weren't any Internation members that I knew either but who cares!
I had a very nice time chatting with many Swiss and foreign people.

And if you are really thirsty - they even offer 6 Liter bottles of Vodka - amazing.

The "Sahnehäubchen" there are the club dancing girls - awesome their performance and they even smile at you if you try!

Remember my face - I'll be there next time in march or april.

Best regards,

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