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Nordic Ligths @ Amber: a fake! (Zurich)

Dear Internations Members.
I apologize for the so called "Internations meeting" at Amber (Nordic Lights) although I was not responsible for the event.
Firstly, It was NOT an internations event. There was no sign, no one to welcome newcomers and introduce them to other people (which is an essential point at Internations' meetings). Not even the bartenders knew about "Internations".
There were quite a few people who were joining such an event for the first time and they were totally lost and even worse: disappointed. I myself almost left because I did not "find" some people from Internations.
Secondly, why putting up a guestlist if there is actually no restricted room for Internation members like at some events where a whole bar war reserved...this was totally misleading. It was just a normal Amber club evening.
Thirdly, if a member organises such an event he/she should be there from the beginning and taking care of the people. This was certainly not the case. The host appeared some hours later and greeted only a hand full of people he/she already knew.

This post has not the aim to put anybody/anyting down but instead the motivation behind it is to preserve the Internation's SPIRIT!
And this is: to welcome foreigners and introduce them to like-minded people in a friendly atmosphere. People expect this when attending an Internations' event. If this is not the case anymore...why should I then be a member?

Whoever is organising another "Internations"-event: PLEASE think about your role and consider that there might be some members attending the event for the first time. How would YOU want to be treated?

I hope such events are no longer posted on this homepage.

I wish you all a Happy New Year!

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