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Personal Styling and Image Consulting (Zurich)

How many times in your life have you looked in the mirror and thought: "Do I look ok?" "Is what I'm wearing right for this important meeting / business networking or date?"

How many times have you opened up your wardrobe and immediately started feeling, stressed and overwhelmed as you are looking at a cupboard full of clothes "having nothing to wear?"

If you are anything like I and my clients used to be – this is almost every morning ;)!!

First impressions are extremely important. Did you know that we judge people and make our mind up about them within the first 7 seconds of meeting them and that 9 out of 10 of those opinions formed remained unchanged?

This means you have only a very short amount of time to convince a person to work with you, hire you, buy from you, like you or even date you ;). Fascinating isn't it?!

Imagine how it would feel, to each morning wake up to a wardrobe that is
-full of clothes that make you feel and look amazing
-that suite your body shape and are in the correct colour palette for you
-that reflect your personality, lifestyle as well as are aligned with what you want to achieve in life – clothes that are a reflection of who you truly are

Imagine how it would feel to have the confidence knowing exactly what looks and feels good on you, in any situation, so you can rest assured your presence and impact will always be on point!

Imagine how much easier life would be? How differently you would show up in life?

This and much more is my work as a Style Expert and Image Consultant!

Now… are you ready to say good bye to dull, lifeless and poor style choices? Are you ready to welcome your own unique style that is YOU and that will take you and your life to the next level?

Then now is the time.

Contact me.

I get booked out in advance, so let's hop on a free discovery call first so we can explore how I can help you and find a spot for you in the upcoming months!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Léa x

Elevate Your Style. Elevate Your Life. Elevate Your Success.

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