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Psychology and Teaching Jobs in Zurich

Hello, My name is Colleen, I am American, currently live in San Francisco again after living many years in Paris, France. I am currently a bilingual Psychotherapist Intern specializing in grief and trauma, EMDR, and gender issues... also, I am a regular substitute teacher specializing in working with children of all ages for the last 12 years with special needs, behavior issues, and working with children from other cultures and backgrounds. I worked for an International Organization in Paris back in the day, and later went on to work at the United Nations in NYC.
I will be visiting Zurich this Thursday until Tuesday from Paris, where I am currently staying until later on in July.
I also have a bed and breakfast at the moment at my place in San Francisco while I am an intern...
any ideas? I may also be interested in attending one of the psychology institutes in Zurich inspired by the great Carl Jung.
Any thoughts or ideas would be welcome. Do not know German at this time.

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