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Question to all working in finance/banking (Zurich)

My boyfriend (French) is currently in his last year of his master in finance. He is planning to applay to banks located in Zurich for a graduate/trainee programme. The thing is though that he doesn't speak German (only English and French). I know that in most banks English is the business language but I'm scared that the lack of knowledge in the German language might get in the way. Or the fact that he is French (non-Swiss).

On the other hand I'm aware that many expats work in Swiss banks in Switzerland. Therefore my question: How did you get a job at a Swiss bank in Switzerland? Were you head-hunted or did you apply to a specific position? Do you speak German? Or do you have any other tips for my boyfriend? Any banks besides CS and UBS that hire internationals for trainee positions?

Also, if anyone is friends with a recruiter at a bank and would connect me with that person that would be immensely helpful. As an exchange as a native Swiss I could help you with any cultural difficulties you might be experiencing:)

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