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Seeking PT job in Childcare/Education/Therapy/PA (Zurich)

I am a highly motivated self starting individual with qualifications and experience in Psychology, the Arts, Music, Childcare, Education, Therapy and Spiritual practices and Personal Assistant work.

I am EMT, have a Swiss permit and a University education and have currently transitioned out of my full time childcare position, in such, seeking a new challenge in any way related to my interests and experience (part time, as i also teach piano part time).

I have been working as a full time nanny and freelance piano teacher to fund my studies up until now, and have achieved my BA Psychology and Arts degree and Music Teaching certificate by studying part time. I am currently also studying towards two additional diplomas in the field of Holistic Psychology and am due to begin a part time Masters degree late in Protected content .

Over the years, my work and education has helped me acquire certain skills...

During the past eight years I have taught Piano privately, and in small schools, throughout various parts of Europe and in the UK. I have now taught over 50 students and many have gone on to study Piano more professionally. I have additionally worked as a Nanny whilst gaining my education, and often taught these children English, piano or participated in educational and musical activities with them. Being responsible for musical preparation for many students over the years, and working alone and freelance, has been a challenge, but the experience has helped me develop my skills coordinating large groups of young people and focusing their energies on a common goal.

I have worked with children in a manner that has provided the opportunity for me to utilize and develop my counselling skills. I have worked with children with development and behavioral problems as a Nanny, and even once as a peer counsellor in an ‘Education Other Than at School’ facility. Over the years, I feel I have successfully counselled students in a number of areas including stress, relationships, low self esteem and bullying, just by developing my abilities to listen, and through the help of my education.

Additionally my work as a full time nanny has enabled my to learn about running a household, the running of a child's daily activities and also juggling personal assistant type work for the parents. I have juggled a great deal of responsibilities caring for young children with demanding daily needs, general, emotional and educational. I therefore am able to time manage well, think ahead intellectually and intuitively, and organise activities effectively.

I am very eager to try something different and learn something new. If you think you might have a position suitable please do not hesitate to contact me. I am very open to all and any offers.

Thank you in advance for your time!

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