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Student looking for an internship (Zurich)


I am currently studying at the university of St.Gallen and I was wondering if any of you would need the assistance of a hard working intern during the months of June, July, August.

I specialize in Quantitative Economics and Finance, the most challenging major at the university. Therefore, I have a strong quantitative and analytical background.

I also have an education as an Industrial Engineer where I learnt management tools (project, production, supply chain, quality management).

I have several years of experience, including
- writing reports at very high standards
- investigating and analyzing data
- doing coordination for projects
- reporting with excel spreadsheets and programming with VBA

Finally, I like team working, but I am also pretty proactive and autonomous, and I learn quickly as you can see with me switching from one field to another.

The types of position that I am looking for are project assistant and analyst.

Thank you very much!

Bertrand Bresson

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