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Student Research Questionnaire - Insects as Food (Zurich)

Hello Everyone!

My name is Yusef Evans and I am a MBA student studying International Hospitality Management at IMI University in Kastenianbaum. As part of my degree requirement, I am doing a research project on the topic of Entomophagy (the eating of insects as food). In Protected content , the Food Ordinance in Switzerland will be amended to include a few types of insects, which restaurants can use as ingredients for their menus without a special permit. The purpose of my questionnaire is to study the factors that influence the intent of culinary professionals to use insect or insect products in their restaurants.
If you are culinary professional in the Zurich area, It would be a great help in my research if you can participate in the questionnaire. The questionnaire will be in English as well as German. The questionnaire will take approximately 10 minutes and is completely anonymous.

Link in German:
Protected content

Link in English:
Protected content

If you know know of other culinary professionals, please forward to them as well. Your feedback is important!

Thank you for your time.


Yusef Evans

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