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Turning up for events (Zurich)

This is really aimed at people who rsvp for events and do not turn up. Organisers of events on here go to great lengths to make sure we all have a great time at any of the events. It is a common courtesy that if you find you cannot attend an event, to let the organiser know in advance. Preferably 24 hours before.

The recent Brunch event at Hiltl is a typical example of this. over 27 people registered for this, and yet 10 of them decided it was ok simply not to turn up. Places were reserved for all 27 people, the restaurant ensured we all had seats, the organiser made sure everything was in place. So to simply not turn up is really not on. It not only reflects badly on Internations, but also with the restaurant, who may well decide to refuse future events, but also on those that do not turn up , as being unreliable. Those that did turn up had a really enjoyable experience, the food as always was excellent as was the service. Please everyone, if you register for an event then TURN UP and ON TIME or if you cant for any reason, at least have the courtesy to notify the organiser that you cant make it . Thank you .

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