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VDSLR Indie Filmmaking Workshop in Englisch (Zurich)

Hello everyone

I will be doing a 3-day workshop in Indie Filmmaking (small productions with limited budget - invariably how many of us begin).

If you would like to learn more about filming with a dslr and/or the actual process of working on set for an small production, this could be for you. However, I will not go much into production and distribution, ie. financing and "getting the film out there".

Dates: To be announced but generally weekends in January and/or early February. There's a Doodle up.

The workshop will be in English and take place in Zurich.

Requirements: For day one a good grasp of photography.


Day 1: 10: Protected content . Shooting with a DSLR camera. Morning: technical overview. Afternoon: Workflow and exercise shooting a short clip.

Day 2: 10: Protected content Production. Morning: planning a shoot & working on set. Afternoon exercise: Shoot a short clip.

Day 3: 13: Protected content . Post-production - We will analyze the clip from day 1 and edit what was shot on day 2 with Final Cut Pro.

Costs: CHF Protected content 3 days or CHF Protected content day one only or CHF Protected content days 2&3 only.

Here's are some notes on what I plan to do.

Day one: Shooting with a DSLR. Pros and cons and a basic how-to.

Review of some Hardware

- Shoulder rig
- Matte box & filters
- Follow Focus
- Screen


- Principles of photography (rule of thirds, 180° rule, effects of aperture & lens, colours, jump cuts)
- Technical aspects (frame rate, bit rate and compression, aspect ratio, white balance, dynamic range, ISO)


- Principles of light (3-point lighting, hard/soft, contrast, direction, temperature)
- Technical aspects (tungsten vs HMI, filters, light sources, metering, Volts/amps/Watts)
- Hands-on working with lighting equipment.

Day two: Film production

Pre-production - Telling a story: Producer, scriptwriter, director and DOP
Budgeting - Production organization and logistics: UPM and AD
Production - Crew members and workflows

Day three: Post-production

-Basic editing software (MPEG Streamclip, Final Cut Pro, colour correction).
- Continuity editing

If you think you might be interested in joining or would like to know more just write me a private message or mail to Protected content

I look forward to hearing from you!



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