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Who Do you Turn to ? (Zurich)

The recent suicide of an acquaintance started me thinking about how lonely some people must be here in Switzerland. We come here usually on some kind of an adventure or with a partner, and suddenly find ourselves alone and that the adventure is not quite what we expected. What do we do about it.?
So who do we turn to when we need help, ? We meet so many people at various events and functions. We say hi and ask how they are, and everyone says “im good thanks” but how many of us are really good and do we really care about others. ? How many of those people on your Friends list could you actually talk to ? How many of us are actually there, when someone needs us? I have over Protected content on my lists, but theres only about 4 or 5 I can actually talk to. I am really grateful to those people who have been “there” for me , when life has been tough. So I consider myself lucky , that there is someone for me to turn to.
But what about those who feel they have no one ?
Too often we find ourselves hiding behind the walls of modern social media, Facebook, Whatsapp, chat pages, etc etc, pretending that everything is okay, when really everything around us is falling apart and all we really need is someone to talk to person to person. How often do you actually pick up the phone to have a conversation? How often do you actually meet over a coffee and have a real conversation ?
How often do we sit at home alone and wonder who we can talk to, who could we meet with .? How often do you sit at home and wonder why no one calls ? Maybe we could pick up the phone and have a chat, or go out one on one for a coffee with someone who is willing to listen.
I find it quite sad to think that there are so many expats out there in similar situations, who think that the only alternative is to end it all. We all have good moments and bad ones , funny and sad ones and we all need someone to be there for us, not to say much, but just to be supportive and listen to our story. To listen to who we really are, to offer comfort. Sometimes all we need is a hug, or a word of encouragement to stop us taking drastic action.
I would like to start up an expat support group for anyone who just needs to have someone to listen, someone to be there for them and someone to support them in tough times. If anyone is interested in volunteering/donating to help set up and fund this group, then please let me know by private mail.
Thank you .

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