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Expat Accommodation in Zurich

There are plenty of reasons for moving to Zurich! Switzerland’s largest city attracts numerous expats due to its booming economy and high quality of life. Our guide to Zurich introduces you to the Greater Zurich Area, Swiss visas and permits, as well as housing for expats.
Residential areas with a view of Lake Zurich are very popular — and very expensive.

Where to Settle in the Greater Zurich Area: Use the Loc@lisator

Once you have decided upon moving to Zurich, the big question is where to settle. The Zurich Office for Statistics offers you a tool to make choosing a place to live in the canton of Zurich easier: the Loc@lisator. Unfortunately, this online tool is only available in German, but here are some tips for using it:

If you choose “ganzer Kanton” in the dropdown menus, it will search for results in the entire canton of Zurich. As an alternative, you can select various municipalities, districts, and regions. For example, if you already know you’ll be working in Winterthur and want to live nearby, you can select only data from “Region Winterthur” in the right dropdown menu instead.

Under Standortfaktoren, you can select the factors and facilities that matter to you when it comes to prospective neighborhoods. For instance, ticking the box next to “S-Bahn Haltestelle” and moving the cursor towards the side labelled “nah” (close) on the sliding scale will allow you to search for areas that are close to a regional express train stop. You should also move the cursor towards “tief” (low) for “Wohnungsmiete/m²” (rent per square meter) — unless you can afford an expensive apartment.

You can also adjust for other factors (e.g. availability of schools, medical facilities, shopping opportunities, cultural institutions, household size, neighborhoods popular among families with kids, etc.). After you click on “Karte aktualisieren” (update map), the tool will highlight suitable areas in bright green.

The Hunt for Accommodation

As soon as you know where you’d like to relocate to, you can start hunting for an apartment or house. If you are busy but have put aside a nice sum of money, look into hiring a real estate agent or relocation agency in Zurich. The latter has the advantage that the staff will also help you with administrative issues, such as getting a residence permit or enrolling your kids in school. If you are lucky, your future employer will recommend or even pay a relocation agent for you.

In general, moving to Zurich does not come cheap. We have already mentioned the high cost of living in our introduction to the Zurich area, and rents are no exception here. Zurich tends to be even more expensive than the rest of Switzerland. In early 2019, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Zurich’s city center was around 1,800 CHF and 3,300 CHF for a three-bedroom flat.

Also, don’t forget to check whether service charges and utility fees are included, or if you have to pay them extra.

Find more information on heating, hot water, and internet in our in-depth article on utilities in Switzerland.

The Most Popular Places to Live in Zurich

Certain areas in Zurich City are particularly popular and especially expensive, i.e. districts 1, 2, and 8. Districts 6 and 7, near the Zürichberg, are also popular but a little more affordable, while 11 and 12 in the north of Zurich are less costly and more family-friendly than some trendier parts of town.

District 4 and 5 — Zurich’s industrial areas, former working-class neighborhoods, and once infamous hangouts for drug addicts — are often snubbed by the more affluent population. However, the drug scene is more or less gone, and the process of gentrification has started in these neighborhoods. The area around Langstrasse, for instance, has become a favorite among creatives and designers.

Tips for the Property Hunt

Here are some multilingual online resources to look for a new place in Greater Zurich:

When you have found a place you like, move fast. The Zurich real estate market is competitive, and you have to convince a potential landlord to take you on as a new tenant. Always have a copy of your employment contract and references from previous landlords with you for such appointments.


We do our best to keep this article up to date. However, we cannot guarantee that the information provided is always current or complete.

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