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“Bottle Shock” at Expovina

It’s almost like being a kid again; living abroad for the first time. There are many new experiences to have and discoveries to make along the way. Join me, as I uncover things about the city of Zurich and myself. My monthly series will be an editorial observation laced with facts, humor and opinion.

Wine is sunlight, held together by water… The poetic wisdom of the Italian physicist, philosopher, and stargazer, Galileo Galilei. It all begins with the soil, the vine, the grape…

Quoted from the movie “Bottle Shock” –Alan Rickman

Bottle Shock is described as “the temporary state or condition of wine which is characterized by muted or disjointed fruit flavors taking place shortly after bottling or if the wine is subjected to various forms of handling and transport. The condition usually disappears after a few weeks.”


My condition, unlike traditional bottle shock, has not disappeared after a few weeks and has stayed with me over the course of several months while living here in Switzerland. It differs much from the definition above so please, allow me to elaborate. What I am carrying on about is the absolute bliss that I experienced at the bi-annual Expovina wine tasting events here in Zurich. The events will not disappoint as the organizers have done a marvelous job at presenting an eclectic group of wines from around the world as well as wines local to Switzerland.

Wine & Friendship

One of the most truly enjoyable things to do when having a glass of wine is to share it with good company. To which, I have been lucky to experience many delightful moments while attending both Expovina Primavera and Expovina. Metaphorically speaking, one can draw a comparison from the wine events to the InterNations Community: there are thousands of different bottles of wine that span over many countries and various continents. Whether making new friends or meeting-up with old ones, the unique experience provides one with a warm feeling of cultural enrichment. Special connections are made and felt between people, sharing in each other lives over a simple glass of wine.

Grapes to Glass

“When it comes right down to it… it’s just plain farming.” The grape itself represents hard work, passion, earth and family. What pours out of a bottle is the result of science, grit and magic. When I look deep into a glass of wine, I want to be able to fully appreciate it:  The way she smells; her unique color, texture and tasteful body composition. I touch the glass to my lips, and finally, I sip and then swallow to which I experience many pleasurable things. To me that glass of wine is symbolic of some of the best things in life; family, friendship and the soft touch and inviting eyes of a beautiful woman. Each glass of a different variety provides a new experience to share with someone or may be just an opportunity to sit back, relax, and reflect on one’s own thoughts.

My 3 Fav’s

Finally, let me share my favorite wines with you:

1)    The Porto Carras Wines from Greece

2)    The Tokajai Grand Selections from Hungary

3)    Hess Wines from California, USA & La Rodeline Wines, Fully Switzerland-(tie)

The Expovina Wine Ships will be docking here in Zurich on 29 October, 2015! I hope to see you nosing, tasting, swirling and conversing! Until then… Prost! Salud! Egészségére! Sti̱n ygeiá sas! Cheers!

(For Katherin, Gregg, Elizabeth, Katerina, Ildi, Karsten & Paul)


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Andrey Vasilyev

"I was able to connect with other expats in Zurich who enjoy cycling as much as I do and organize weekly rides."

Elin Gustavson

"At the first InterNations event that I attended, I met my wonderful partner. We now live together in a flat next to the Limmat."

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