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Antoine Mariaux

Living in Kuwait, from France

"With InterNations it was easy to find the right school for our kids after they joined me in Kuwait."

Patricia Quade

Living in Kuwait, from USA

"I found some amazing people on InterNations, and now I enjoy helping other newcomers in Kuwait."

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The Expat Kuwait Chapter welcomes you!

As-salām 'alaykum and a heart-felt welcome to the InterNations community for expats in Kuwait! Our international network caters to your specific needs and supports you in relocating to and putting down roots in Kuwait. Living abroad in a foreign country is definitely a great intercultural experience, but typically brings up a lot of questions for expatriates Kuwait: ʺWhat is the best international school for my kids in Kuwait?ʺ, ʺHow do I find a job for my spouse in Jahrah?ʺ or ʺWhere in Kuwait City can I meet fellow expats and compatriots from my home country?” Just to name a few examples…

InterNations aim is to help you, as an expatriate, in becoming part of the Kuwait expat community and exploring the Kuwaiti way of life in all its aspects: From enjoying the traditional majboos to celebrating Hala February.

Next to Kuwait we host several more communities in Middle East & Central Asia, e.g., our network of Malaysia Expat. Or you might be interested in our Expats France community which is also fairly active.

Our Support for Kuwait Expatriates

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Kuwait Expatriates Network

Find and get to know like-minded expatriates residing in Kuwait, their partners and families.

Kuwait Guide for Expats

Kuwait Expat Guide

Expat Forum Kuwait

Obtain trustworthy advice and local insight from fellow members in our Kuwait expat forums.

Kuwait Expat Forum

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Meet up with expatriates of diverse backgrounds and nationalities at our regular InterNations Events.

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Enjoy the Kuwait Expats Living

With attractions ranging from Failaka Island and powerboating sea clubs to the vast Arabian desert, Kuwait fascinates expatriates and globetrotters of many nationalities every year. The sizable expat Kuwait community is, however, mostly drawn to the country by the urban growth of Kuwait City and its political as well as economic opportunities, e.g. in the petro sector. Whether you move to and live in Kuwait for professional or private reasons, you’ll surely take with you lifelong memories of great international experiences and intercultural exchange.

Interested to take a world tour? Then have a look at our chapter for Expats Qatar to receive an impression of InterNations worldwide. Or you could take a peek at our community for Bahrain Expat instead!

The Place to meet friendly Expatriates in Kuwait

In our private network, you can easily get to know fellow expatriates in Kuwait in a casual way – within a safe, invitation-only environment where trustworthiness and respectful behavior are key. Ask our helpful and friendly expat members for advice from Kuwait’s international community, e.g. with regard to getting a residence permit. Furthermore, you’ll meet with other expatriates in Kuwait at our high-class InterNations Events – mixing and mingling in hotspots like Jahrah or Kawalli, for all internationals belonging to the Kuwait expat community.

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