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Juan Garcia

Living in Qatar, from Venezuela

"The Persian Gulf is a long way from home, so I was especially glad to discover this super expat community for Doha. "

Amarilis Castillo

Living in Qatar, from Spain

"I loved the InterNations expat gatherings in Doha, and I hope we'll have another opportunity to meet up at 'La Villa' or the golf range. "

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Our Expat Community in Qatar Welcomes You!

As-salām 'alaykum and a warm welcome to the InterNations expat community in Qatar! As the foremost expat community around the world, with members in every country, there is a vibrant, friendly group of expats in Qatar waiting to answer your questions and help you feel at home. Whether during your relocation or after your arrival, any and all questions you may have regarding all facets of expat life in Qatar can be answered by our welcoming community. Not sure what suburb of Doha to move to? Wondering about the commute, or the local schools? Unsure about the specifics of employment, property, immigration or any other Qatari laws? Don’t worry, one of our members living in Qatar will have experienced the same issues before and have you covered with an answer in no time at all.

But it’s not all work and no play, Qatar is an exceedingly wealthy country and, despite the desert heat, there are a wide array of expat social events to cater to all interests.

Next to Qatar we host several more communities in Middle East & Central Asia, e.g., our network of Expats Saudi Arabia. Or you might be interested in our Portugal Expats community which is also fairly active.

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Embark on Your Expat Life in Qatar

Qatar, despite being a largely arid and desert land, has several modern and architecturally impressive cities and a sparkling inland sea, Khawr al Udayd, which is truly a magnificent site to behold. To be honest, most expats moving to Qatar will live in the capital Doha, as this is where the main center of economic activity is. Most expat jobs in Qatar center around the oil and gas business, although infrastructure projects relating to the 2022 World Cup have created many engineering and construction management opportunities for expats with the right skills.

Expats can look forward to lots of free time (Qatari employers are known to be lax with working hours, and most offices and government services close at 15:00) to enjoy a wide range of upmarket restaurants, coffee shops and retail stores. Most expat housing in Qatar, although not broad in choice, offers an array of amenities on site including gyms, swimming pools, cinemas and other entertainment facilities. Qatar’s private school system is excellent and highly funded, but if you’re unsure where to send your children to school, or have any other questions about expat life in Qatar, you can always ask the InterNations community for help. The expat community in Qatar is a close knit one, with various sporting and leisure activities for people to bond over. To meet and be introduced to the community, you could join one of our regular interest-based groups, who enjoy such diverse activities as reading, table tennis, sailing, and blogging. There are also monthly social events, sometimes multiple, where InterNations members can meet up and enjoy a few casual drinks (alcohol is available, but not widely and not without limits).

Interested to take a world tour? Then have a look at our chapter for Germany Expat to receive an impression of InterNations worldwide. Or you could take a peek at our community for Expat Malaysia instead!

Grow Your Network of Like-Minded Expats from All over the World

Qatari society, like many societies around the world, can be something of a culture shock to expats at first, so what better a way to acclimatize yourself slowly by making sure you have a close-knit group of like-minded friends to relax and chill out with if you’re finding your new life in Qatar hard to adjust to? No matter what your situation, there will be InterNations members who have gone through similar experiences in the past and are ready and willing to help you out in any way they can. One way to help yourself settle into a new culture and country after a move is to retain a sense of routine and continue to do the same activities you did before. With a huge range of sports, clubs and activities available in our community, you’re sure to find some something that strikes your fancy. If not, why not try something new, such as quad biking in the desert dunes? Or pick up a new sport, such as tennis, squash, or running.

Or just enjoy like-minded expat company in a relaxed bar or restaurant high above the Doha metropolis. It’s your choice, but InterNations, and our busy and welcoming community, are always here to help get you there.

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