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Vladimir Rostev

Living in Rwanda, from Russia

"Moving abroad can be very difficult, particularly when it comes to Rwanda. But this supportive and trustworthy community is just so helpful."

Cathleen Sapiro

Living in Rwanda, from USA

"My brother recommended InterNations to me before I moved to Kigali. I can only forward this recommendation to any expat around the globe."

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Welcome to the Expat Rwanda Chapter!

Hello, salut, urakaza and a warm welcome to InterNations Rwanda! Our network for expats in Rwanda is tailored to your particular needs and helps you with moving to and settling in Rwanda. Relocating overseas to a foreign country is adventurous and also challenging now and then. For expatriates Rwanda a lot of questions come up such as: ʺHow good is the health care system in Rwanda and do I need special vaccinations?ʺ, ʺIn which district should we live when moving to Butare?ʺ or ʺHow about the overall safety in Kigali?ʺ And many more questions…

InterNations aims to support you, as an expatriate, in getting to know the Rwanda expat community and discovering the Rwandan way of life in all its facets, from having the traditional brochettes to celebrating the opening of the National assembly on Kamarampaka Day.

We are present not only in Rwanda, but worldwide including numerous countries in Africa – for instance our chapter for Expat Panama. You might also consider to stop by at our Expat Italy community during your next travel.

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    • Football
    • Hey Everyone, I hope you are doing well! Does anyone know if the GIZ guys that used to play football on Thursday ...
    • Re: What is your business?
    • I'm a tour consultant working for Songa Africa the tourism company and our office is in Kigali/ Rwanda. It special...
    • Re: New to Kigali
    • Warm welcome to Kigali dear Stephanie. Dear Lola, welcome and can't wait to see you in July. Cheers!!
    • Re: Visit Kigali from Accra
    • Strangely enough I have just moved to Kigali from Accra....worth the move. Was a member of Accra Internations . ...
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    Restaurants & Nightlife

    Popular "cabaret" of Kigali, to enjoy bee...

  • Accord Hotel

    Accord Hotel

    Restaurants & Nightlife

    New hotel in Kimihurura (opposite the RDB)

  • Century Cinema, Kigali

    Century Cinema, Kigali

    Culture & Sights

    The Cinema has state of the art equipment...

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From the Volcanoes National Park, full of endangered mountain gorillas to Lake Kivu in Western Rwanda, Rwanda has much to offer to expatriates, tourists and travelers from all over the world. However, the growing expat Rwanda community is mainly attracted by its economic challenges, e.g. in the cement industry, and the urban development in Kigali and Gabiro. Expat living in Rwanda surely can face a challenge once in a while, but at the same time it is a wonderful intercultural experience you will never forget.

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In our social network, you can easily get in touch with other expatriates living in Rwanda in a private and protected environment where trust, confidence and friendly ‘netiquette’ are essentials. You may ask other expat members from Rwanda’s international community about insider tips, e.g. how to obtain a work permit. Moreover, you’ll also meet your fellow expatriates in Rwanda in real life at our top-quality InterNations Get-Togethers – the best way for casual socializing in the capital city and other places like Butare or Gabiro for all members of the Rwanda expat community.

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