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An Opportunity to Explore & Learn — Maria’s InterNations Story

InterNations is a great place to meet like-minded people. For InterNations member Maria, this was one of many reasons to join — she also met some of her business partners at InterNations events. You can read Maria’s story below.

I heard about InterNations Muscat when I came back to Oman in 2014 but I didn’t attend any events at first. But in August 2017, I finally decided to register as a Basic Member. I’ve been attending events since then and as an expat, I find that the network offers a great opportunity to explore and connect with like-minded people. So, from a Basic Member, I thought of upgrading my membership to Albatross.

Since then, I‘ve met more people, turning these strangers to friends and some friends into business partners. Thank you for this expat community!

After I started attending events in Muscat, I also attended some events in Dubai and Manila. Even during the pandemic, I met a lot of people during the online events. I found it very interesting to explore and learn more about other people and cultures. It also helped me contribute something socially not only for the InterNations Community but to the society as a whole.

The events are great for expats like me. Living abroad is lonely and I feel safer having a community where ever in the world life takes me.

Turning strangers into friends is challenging but its also an opportunity to find like-minded people. I am always open to learn as I connect and share ideas or information.

People like doing business with people they like. It‘s my mantra. I was able to expand my business ideas with the right people. I believe that being consistent in what I do will define me as a person and ultimately, it will reflect on my profession.

Life and business is all about relations. We have our own expertise and we are shaped by our own experience and culture as we continuously connect. As an InterNations member, you have this opportunity, you have your own share to grow and contribute. Thank you to this community! Thank you InterNations!

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