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Networking Guidelines

InterNations is a community of trust, dedicated to current, former and future expats worldwide.
Our Guidelines ensure a respectful conduct in our community and the high quality of information provided. This way InterNations remains the special place it is.

At InterNations, we are committed to ensuring our platform is a safe and genuine place for expats and global minds to connect. Our community is growing each day and our goal is to have an environment where people respect and treat one another fairly.

We ask you to help us foster this community and make it a great place for people to interact. Breaking our Networking Guidelines may result in your account being temporarily or even permanently deactivated.

Respect the InterNations community!

Speak the Language!

  • InterNations’ communication language is exclusively English. And we don’t want language to be a reason to exclude anyone.
  • Members who would like to interact in another language can join one of the language-specific InterNations Groups.

Respect Boundaries

  • InterNations was founded to make life easier for expats, to provide information, and to help our members network and meet fellow, like-minded people.
  • We ask our members to use our platform for these purposes; unwanted behaviour is reported and will be dealt with accordingly.
  • InterNations has an extremely varied member base, including different cultures, religions, and languages. Please keep this in mind while networking and respect all members irrespective of their background.
  • Remember: There’s a boundary that is not to be overstepped — don’t be creepy.


  • InterNations does not tolerate spam.
  • Don’t send content which is unsolicited, commercial, promotional, or impersonal.
  • Don’t send identical messages to multiple recipients.


  • Content that is misleading or aims to deceive others is not accepted.
  • Please be wary of claims that seem too good to be true, as they most likely are. Such behaviour is rare at InterNations, but it is important to be aware of it.

Be Genuine

  • Fake or duplicated accounts are not accepted.
  • Using someone else’s information or intending to mislead or deceive other members with fake information is not tolerated.
  • Real profiles, including real names and pictures, help to ensure a community of trust.

Meeting Up

  • Trust your instincts and use common sense, meet in a public setting.
  • We encourage our members to make use of the InterNations Official Events and Activities in order to meet other members in a safe environment.

Help InterNations and Stay Safe

  • We believe as a community it is everyone’s responsibility to look out for one another and work together to combat any form of misconduct or unacceptable behaviour.
  • If you believe someone is violating our Networking Guidelines, please use our “report abuse” tool and inform our Quality Assurance Team so that we can take action.
  • You are able to report messages, contact requests, forum posts, or a member’s profile.
  • Only by working together can we create a safe and genuine platform for our members to use.