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Expat Tips: Plan a Get-Together

If you’re like me, and you’ve recently moved abroad, then you’re probably in the process of making lots of new friends, perhaps at your favorite café. It can be hard finding the time to hang out with everyone, especially with an already busy schedule, so why not combine the friendship groups and host a get-together?


1. Plan a Theme

Having a theme for your get-together means everyone knows what to expect. Whether it’s brunch, casual drinks, or even a costume party, it’s always good to let your guests know. This can really help to shape the event and keep your plans on track.

2. Who to Invite

As shared in the Expat Tip video by Lauren and Samuele, it can always be nice to have people of the same nationality at your get-together if you are feeling nostalgic or homesick. When inviting people to your home, you may want to keep in mind the space you have available. Avoid inviting too many people, as it will get very crowded and you could struggle to keep things under control. When there are too many people in a small space, nobody is really happy. And of course, we want to keep the guests happy!

3. Plan Ahead

This is such an important thing to do when hosting a get-together with your friends or family. Figure out a date and time that suits everyone. Also, send out invites and give the guests plenty of notice. This means you don’t have to worry about people having other things planned and not being able to attend your get-together. Of course, things do come up and some people might have to change their plans last minute. Don’t worry, though, you and the guests that do attend will still have a great time.

4. Ask the Guests about Food and Drink

Stock up in advance to avoid that last-minute dash to the grocery store. It’s best to get everyone’s opinions on what food and drink they would like for your get-together. Asking people what they’d prefer will make them feel valued, even if they aren’t fussy. It’s nice to ask! If you get the usual reply (“I’m easy, get whatever”), then play it safe and stick to the treats that you know will go down well with everyone. Don’t forget about your guests with specific dietary needs. Try to cater for them as best you can.

5. Make a Budget

Take out your pen and paper and get writing! Make sure not to overspend on things you don’t really need and, if you’re short on money, you could always ask guests to bring a snack. Pinterest is full of amazing ideas for getting crafty, and they can be really inexpensive projects that take little time and effort.

6. Make It Fun

Organize games and activities for the night to go along with your theme. Icebreaker games, for instance, will help guests to get to know each other. Choose games that will cater to all ages and abilities so that nobody is left out and let them be optional. Some people may not want to join in for every single game which is completely okay.

7. Make a Playlist

Even though it is your get-together, make sure you include a variety of music. It’s no harm to ask your guests for their favorite song. If your add it to your playlist, there will be something for everyone. There’s nothing like a song you love to get you up and dancing!

8. Seating Arrangements

Ensure that everyone will be comfortable at your get-together. Do your best to have plenty of seats as your guests may not want to stand all night long. Having said that, you don’t need a seat for every single person, as some people will be standing at different times throughout the event.

9. Enjoy!

Finally, the most important tip is to enjoy the experience. It is so easy to get lost in making sure everyone else is okay, but trust me, if you stick to these tips then you’ll have a great get-together. Once everything runs smoothly, you can sit back and relax with your guests.


To see the rest of this ongoing video series with our resident expat expert Lauren, visit our Facebook page. There you can share your feedback with us or even ask for advice — we may just use your question as the starting point for the next video!

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