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Expat Tips: Take Advantage of Travel Opportunities

"To discover new oceans, you have to lose sight of the shore"

Becoming an expat provides you with the great opportunity to branch out and travel around to see parts of the world you may not have otherwise had the chance to visit. No matter where your expat journey takes you, the travel opportunities are endless with each place offering a range of unique experiences.

The initial leap into life abroad can be overwhelming and very daunting, keeping many from leaving their immediate environment in which they are comfortable. Even though the unknown may scare you at first, a move abroad allows you to explore a whole new corner of the world and take advantage of the travel opportunities available to you. Do some research on where you are living and what’s out there so that you can broaden your horizons and live life to the fullest.


Affordable Travel Options around the World

Many people think that it takes a small fortune to travel, but the world is full of affordable destinations you can visit even on a tight budget. From backpacking in Europe to island hoping in Asia, you'll often have an array of options to choose from to make the most out of your time in a new place.


If you have the opportunity to work in Europe, take advantage of the cheap transportation options it has to offer! Europe has a large variety of public transportation that can get you around the destination cheaply, whether you choose to travel by train, bus, or even bike. In fact, many cities in Europe are connected by bikeable trails and roads, and there are plenty of companies out there to help you organize the trip. It is just as easy to go from country to country in Europe. Whether you’d like to enjoy the historical sites of Rome or the mountains in Austria, “must-see” places are closer together here than on many other continents and you can visit more of them in a short amount of time.

Once you arrive in a city, there is also plenty to be seen on just two wheels. Amsterdam is known for being one of the most bike-friendly cities in all of Europe, with over 500 km of scenic cycle paths. Bruges in Belgium is great to take the whole family with clear designated routes, easy enough for everyone to follow. If you’d rather sit down and let someone else drive you, there are trains that run into the night, too. Booking these in advance can get you very affordable tickets, and many countries offer cheap group ticket options which are perfect for families. As Lauren mentioned, Europe’s generous vacation days allow you to explore many cities on your much-deserved break.


Asia is home to some of the most beautiful countries in the world. With its breath-taking scenery and delicious cuisines, you’re lucky if your expat journey takes you here. Not only that, but many countries in Asia, such as Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia, offer a very affordable costs of living. This means you should have plenty of money left over to travel around and explore the highlights of the continent! Travel itself can be very cheap, especially if you go by bus or ferry, and accommodation at budget hostels can start at just 3 USD per night.

Even if you’re past the hostel stage of your life, you might be surprised how far your money takes you when traveling around Asia. Even in expensive places like Singapore, transportation can be cheap, with ferries to Indonesia and Malaysia for around 30 USD roundtrip.


If your expat journey takes you to the USA, you might be surprised at how much you can use your car to travel. Owning a car in the US tends to be cheaper on average than it is in most of Europe for example. Even if you don’t own one, renting a car is fairly simple. Road trips are a very common vacation choice in the US with over 50% of Americans taking a road trip each year. This is likely due to it being more affordable than other forms of transportation and, of course, many people just like having control over what they do and when they go!

Bring your tent and go for a camping trip to get back to nature! There is no shortage of national park camping spots — with over 130 different locations you’re spoiled for choice! From California, up to the Dakotas, and down to Florida, you decide where you want to spend your free time. Take some vacation days, buy a tent, and let your adventure begin!

Unique Travel Opportunities

If you fancy traveling even further outside your comfort zone, why not make use of a more unique travel opportunity. There are plenty of options from cruising on a postal ship in Norway to wildlife spotting in the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador.

Exploring Norway on a postal ship is really something for the bucket list. The trip takes you around all of Norway’s beautiful coastline, stopping over 30 times to show the sights of country. If you’re living in South America and you’d rather stay on dry land, why not travel to the Galapagos Islands. You will have the chance to get close to an amazing array of endemic wildlife and the second-largest marine reserve in the world!

There is so much to see and such a diverse range of travel opportunities to choose from, the world really is your oyster. So, get out there and take advantage of these opportunities!


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