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Five Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Out on InterNations Events & Activities

As an InterNations member, you already know about the amazing official events and activities taking place in our communities around the world. Have you been to an event lately? Maybe you have yet to join or it has been a while since you attended an official event or activity. Let us show you why you should not miss out!

1. It’s Your Chance to Discover Great Venues

Ever wanted to visit some of the most exclusive rooftop bars in your city, celebrate in a castle, or enjoy a welcome drink on a yacht? There are so many places in and around your city you may not have been to yet, or may not even know that they exist. And, let’s face it, when you’re busy at work or taking care of your family, you don’t always have time to research all the secret tips off the beaten tourist tracks.

Luckily, our Consuls and Ambassadors are always looking for the best places to meet. They regularly invite you on hikes and bike rides with the most beautiful scenery, organize roaring parties at exclusive clubs, and plan weekend get-aways to great destinations. This is your chance to discover your home abroad in a whole new way!

2. You Can Discover a New Hobby

Sometimes, trying out a new hobby can be much more fun in a group. Maybe you’ve always wanted to explore your city by bike, or you want to get into yoga as a new workout and form of relaxation. From dancing to hiking, we’ve got a group for that! So, consider this your sign to join a new group and go for an activity you always wanted to try. And, who knows, you might just discover your new favorite hobby and make some friends along the way!

3. There Are Many Ways to Practice Your Language Skills

Since you’re an expat or global mind, chances are that you are well traveled and that learning a language, be it the one of your host country or another altogether, is a big part of your life. But whether you’re still struggling to order a cup of coffee or you’re nearly fluent, practicing a language with friends is much more fun than doing it alone.

There are groups for different languages that will get you in touch with native speakers and other language learners. Chat over a cup of coffee, learn new words while exploring your home abroad, and make connections while becoming more and more fluent.

4. This Is Your Chance to Extend Your Knowledge

It is true that you never stop learning — whether you want to write your own story and find a community to guide you through it, or hope to learn more about history and politics and have deeper discussions about what’s going in the world. Joining a book club or working on your personal well-being can also be a lot more fun when you do it together with other expats and global minds. There’s a world of knowledge out there that you can unlock!

The InterNations Global Groups not only let you connect with other members from all over the world. They also offer many great opportunities for you to learn something new.

5. This Is Where You Can Make New Connections

It doesn't matter if you’re looking for new friends, people to share your hobbies with, or if you want to extend your professional network. InterNations Events are a great place to meet people, make connections, and extend your social circle. Throughout the past 15 years, we’ve heard stories from you, our members, about long-lasting friendships, new career opportunities opening up to you, and even finding the love of your life.

For us, this is what building a community is all about: bringing people together!


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