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Five Ways to Go ALL IN with InterNations

A look at your InterNations events calendar will probably show you a lot of get-togethers that you can join every day. If you include the online events of InterNations Global, you are even more spoilt for choice. No matter, if you sign up for an official event with hundreds of other members or plan to attend a small activity with a handful of people, there are a few ways to get the best out of your experience.

Choose Something You’re Really Excited About …

When it comes to meeting other people from your community, everybody has their preferences. Maybe you’re a social butterfly who enjoys buzzing from one person to the next, meeting as many people and making as many new connections as possible. Or maybe you’re an introvert who’d rather spend time with a small, select group. Whether you’re an active person who likes to go jogging or hiking in a group of people, or a relaxed dinner is more up your alley, make sure to choose an event that sounds really appealing to you. Look for what excites you!

… But Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

While attending the kind of events and activities that are right in your comfort zone can be great, especially if you’re a bit shy, you should make sure to leave your comfortable little bubble every now and then. Staying in your comfort zone can get you stuck in a rut and make things a bit boring.

So, don’t be scared to try something new. Maybe you’re ready to join a yoga activity for the first time or you attend one of the big events and make lots of new friends. Leaving your comfort zone has a lot of benefits — get ready to discover them!

Dress Code? Potluck? Raffle? Join In!

Some of our events are simply a great opportunity to have a fun time or experience an amazing venue. But while these are fantastic, you shouldn’t miss out on others that have a specific theme or dress code. Some Ambassadors even organize a raffle or potluck where everyone brings some of their favorite food (this is often the case at smaller events or activities). No matter if it’s dressing green for St. Patrick’s Day or bringing a salad for a picnic, you should join the fun. It will make you feel more like you’re part of the group, and your attire or that special salad will be a great conversation starter.

Use the Opportunity to Make New Friends

This is the best part about meeting other InterNations members: the friendships you can make along the way. Of course, hitting the dance floor of the coolest clubs, enjoying a cocktail (and the view) from the best rooftops, and exploring the hidden corners of your city are all great reasons to attend InterNations Events. But you should not miss out on the opportunity to make new friends, welcome newcomers (especially if you are a seasoned expat), and expand your network. After all, this is all part of the fun of expat life!

Get Ready to Have the Time of Your Life

Attitude is everything! The most exciting hike, the nicest dinner, and the best concert can be an awful experience if you expect it to be. However, if you’re excited about meeting people, making friends, and just having a great time, you will enjoy yourself. And even small hiccups or issues, like some rain during a picnic or a longer line at the door will not spoil your mood. So, get into the right mindset, bring your excitement, and have the time of your life!


Are you ready to get the full community experience! Check out the calendar for events and activities to join in your community.

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