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Making August Amazing — Thanks to This Month’s Events

InterNations members around the globe have come up with some creative ways to spend their (summer) holidays. From wine tastings to walking tours and from beach bars to Buddhist temples, here are some of our event highlights for the month of August (and beyond).

Summer Heat & Winter Time

Our community in Cairo managed to escape the stifling summer heat to a lush garden environment. On 4 August, the Cairo Travelers Group spent a relaxed evening at a spacious outdoor café with live jazz music. They very much enjoyed the view of the gardens, a true oasis right in the middle of Egypt’s bustling capital.

Though it’s technically winter in Brazil, average daytime temperatures in São Paulo are currently a balmy 24°C. So, instead of a beach bar, our São Paulo Social Group opted for an indoor experience at one of their semi-regular wine-tasting classes. For the third time this year, they came together for an introduction into a specific country’s wine culture. On 9 August, they went on a journey through neighboring Argentina via its special vintages. Sounds like a great experience — where the atmosphere was as lively and brilliant as some of the wines! 

A Busy August Weekend

The first weekend in August seems to have been a popular time for scheduling a wide range of InterNations Activities worldwide. The Oslo Language & Cultural Exchange Group, for example, wanted to learn a bit more about the Nobel Peace Prize. On Sunday, 6 August, they combined a nice afternoon stroll through Norway’s capital with a free guided tour about the history behind the only Nobel Prize to be awarded outside of Sweden.  

The Leuven City Trotters Group also gathered in the city center that afternoon. However, they followed a different kind of trail through the historic neighborhoods — a culinary rather than a cultural one. At the Hapje Tapje (Flemish for “a bit of a snack” and “a little drink”), Leuven’s most popular gastronomic event, they could indulge in bite-size portions from local restaurants.

On the same day — 6 August — the Nairobi Coffee Lovers Group met up for an unusual language-learning experience over their caffeinated beverage of choice. It’s the mission of the local Pallet Café to provide training and employment for members of the Deaf community. So, attendees had the opportunity to learn some basics from a Sign Language Instructor before ordering their americanos, lattes, and cappuccinos.

The Tokyo Japanese Conversation Group, on the other hand, went on a rather different kind of silent outing that Sunday. They visited a local temple to practice the art of zazen meditation as taught by a Polish expat turned Buddhist monk.

Celebrating the Season in Style

If meditating is a bit too quiet for your taste and a street food festival seems a tad too casual, don’t worry. There are also plenty of opportunities for you to celebrate the season in style.

Last Friday, for example, it was time for some elegant beach vibes on the banks of the Main River. Our Wiesbaden-Mainz Community had managed to reserve a part of the urban Mainzstrand exclusively for InterNations members. On the night of 11 August, they were invited to don a chic all-white outfit and enjoy the funky soul rhythms from the German-American-Sierra Leonean live band.

And just in case that you’re currently in Shanghai and don’t have any plans for Friday night yet, how about joining our Suntory Shanghai Cocktail Soiree? On 25 August, you can check out the self-styled “whiskey sanctuary”. The beverage brand’s first flagship store combines high-end Japanese cuisine with an upscale bar experience and a beautiful rooftop terrace. Even if you abstain from alcohol, the premium sashimi or the sukiyaki with wagyu beef might be tempting!

No Fear of Missing Out with a Full Events Calendar

There are even more great events on offer as August is slowly drawing to a close. If you think the Hapje Tapje food festival sounds delightful, you could get a similar kind of experience in Vietnam this weekend. On Saturday, 26 August, the HCMC City Trotters Group will be visiting Ho Thi Ky Market, the city’s most famous place for street food and snacking. There’s probably an excellent reason why our activity host Crystal advises everyone to attend on an empty stomach!

And if you’ve missed out on the recent temple visit in Tokyo, there’s soon another chance to delve into Japanese traditions. On 26 August, the Tokyo Culture Group is planning a visit to the Bon Odori in Hibiya Park. The annual Obon festival is supposed to honor the spirits of the ancestors. One of its highlights is the bon odori (bon dance), which developed as a folk entertainment more than 500 years ago. In Hibiya Park, it’s customary to gather around a fountain and dance to the tune of Marunouchi Ondo — and everyone’s welcome to join in.

Last but not least, with September fast approaching, it’s also time for an annual custom of our own — the InterNations anniversary. Our Consuls and Ambassadors have already been busy planning some amazing “Sweet 16” parties to celebrate 16 years of InterNations — including our online program, such as the virtual Karaoke Bar on 9 September.

In Istanbul, a garden party with a complimentary welcome drink, birthday cake, and prize raffle awaits our members on Saturday, 9 September. They’ll be celebrating with a Friday night full of dancing and fiesta vibes in Vienna on 8 September. And the Bangkok Community even hosts as many as three different events on 2 September, 9 September, and 16 September. If you’ve ever wanted to show up all dressed up in Thai attire, glitz and glam clothing, or Barbie pink, this is your chance.

Check the events calendar in your community to find more exciting official events and activities in the upcoming months.

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