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Saying Goodbye to 2021 and Embracing 2022

There’s something wonderful about saying goodbye to the past year, with all its ups and downs, and welcoming the new year full of hope. As we all kick off another trip around the sun, our communities around the world found the best ways to celebrate in style — from a sunset barbecue in the desert to a yacht cruise! The highlights below will surely get you excited for InterNations events this year!

While others welcomed the new year, members of the Moscow Community celebrated the Russian Orthodox Christmas on Friday, 7 January. Aside from getting to see each other again, the gathering was made even more special with some local food and drinks and a bunch of surprises like a raffle and gifts for our members. Thank you to the event hosts Elena Hoffmann, Nadya Smokotina, Pete Jansen, and Claire Citered!

The celebrations in Moscow didn’t stop there — members of the Moscow Community also officially welcomed 2022 together at the premium restaurant and bar SVOY on Thursday, 13 January. The celebrations started with some welcome drinks and delicious canapés. The evening continued with a thrilling raffle, karaoke, and bonding with the rest of the community — all captured in fun photos that our members will surely treasure for years to come. Thank you to Ambassadors Zoya Moscova and Elmira Urazaeva for making this possible!

For those who partied way too hard during the holidays, the Vancouver Spontaneous Activities Group had the perfect way to start the new year  — a healthy serving of dim sum! On Saturday, January 1, hosts Wyng Chow and Felix J Emmanuel took our members to the popular Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant for an authentic dim sum lunch. We couldn’t think of a better way to slow down after the holiday rush!

Members of the Islamabad Community also had a laidback celebration on Saturday, 8 January at Roasters Coffee House & Grill. This cozy spot was the perfect venue for our members to catch up and share the things they look forward to for the new year with each other, over some delicious food and drinks. Thank you to the hosts Nauman Tariq, Ali Zulfiqar, and Sabreena Hena Iqbal.

Choosing a more scenic setting for their New Year’s Celebration, members of the Brno Community met up on Saturday 15 January, for an 11-kilometer walk. They explored the Svitava Valley, the beautiful village of Bilovice, and the surrounding forests, stopping every now and then to capture some sweet photos like this one! Thank you to Marta Polaskova and Anaick Nikki for creating this unique activity for our members.

Keeping up with the outdoor theme, the Luxembourg Hiking Group kicked off the new year with a 9-kilometer hike on Saturday, 1 January. The group started their adventure at the Christmas Market at Kinnekswiss Park, continued towards the gorgeous Pétrusse River, and stopped for a picnic at the historical Kirchberg. What an exciting day organized by Consuls Jens Osterloh and Valentina Mei!

It’s no secret that Ras Al-Khaimah boasts some of the most beautiful deserts, so members of our community there found the perfect way to appreciate that. On Friday, 7 January, members of the Ras Al-Khaimah Community had a Desert BBQ, hosted by Ambassador Audree Marsolais. They met up at sunset, grilled a delicious feast, and enjoyed each other’s company under the stars! Here’s us wishing we could join the next one!

From the desert, let’s head over to Cairo where our members’ new year fun involved a private yacht cruise! On Friday, 14 January, Consul Ghassan Chalhoub prepared a unique “Nile Survival Cruise” for members of the Cairo Water Sports Group which involves a virtual survival game, music, and food. The prize for the winning team was a rowing session at the Nile Dragons Academy. All our members had learned some important survival skills after the game!

In Miami, our members have more than one reason to be excited about the beginning of the year — it’s also time for the Annual Stone Crab & Seafood Festival! On Saturday, 8 January, the Miami DinnerNations Group, with Consul Sandy Steele, enjoyed the day at Esplanade Park where the best of South Florida seafood restaurants and gourmet food trucks were showcased. It was the perfect setting and weather to enjoy signature seafood dishes and have a relaxing stroll around the park.

On Saturday, 15 January, members of the Cairo Outdoor Activities Group started the year with a trip to the historical Qalawun complex. The impressive complex is notable not just for its size but also for the rich architecture and history surrounding it. We’ll definitely add this to our bucket list for the year. Thank you to Consul Basma Ibrahim for organizing this activity!

Thank you, all our Ambassadors, Consuls, and activity hosts, for creating special ways for members to welcome the new year together. We’re looking forward to all the amazing activities and events you have planned for this year. Here’s to a healthy and happy 2022!

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