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Three Million Members — Nobody Stands Alone!

With three million members around the globe, InterNations has grown into a colorful and vibrant community, both online and offline. Our groups help our members to come together to share their hobbies and interests with others in their InterNations Community. We currently have approximately 5,300 Consuls running over 4,200 groups across the globe, hosting monthly activities in their groups and bringing members together to meet and mingle over their shared passion. Be it a craving for canoeing, a desire for dancing, a hunger for handcrafting, or a lust for lunching, InterNations has a group for even the most extraordinary of pursuits. Read on to learn more about some of our more unusual groups, and find out what makes the Consuls of these groups tick!

Jump into Happiness with the Munich Jump on the Trampoline Group

After a stressful day at work, what better way to loosen up than to try some somersaults and backflips, launch yourself into a foam pit, slam dunk a basketball, play gladiator on a battling beam, and hurl dodgeballs at others, all while jumping on a giant trampoline field? At least this was what Nadja thought when she opened the Jump on the Trampoline Group in the Munich Community. Wanting to share her love for trampolining and bringing members together to make friends and have fun while also getting fit, she opened the group in January this year. As one of the newest groups in Munich, it is already causing quite a stir!

During the first couple of activities in the group, the members, many of who had never set foot on a trampoline before, came together to jump, leap, and bound away the stress of their day. Leaving their worries along with their business suits and mobile phones in the locker room, there is nothing to weigh these buoyant jumpers down. Everybody leaves with a smile on their face, and adrenaline pumping through their veins. Never mind the sore muscles the next day — just a reminder of the fun they had, the friends they made, and the calories they burned, the day before!

Fun in the Sun with the Muscat Life’s a Beach Group

There is surely nothing better than a day at the beach! Anne Keen, Consul of the Muscat Life’s a Beach Group, took on the Consul role in 2013, and has been enjoying the sun, sea, and salty air with her group members ever since. Recognizing that many people who came to Muscat as expats were feeling socially isolated and lonely, Anne uses her InterNations Group to bring members together, all while enjoying the beautiful beaches of Oman.

Anne organizes all sorts of exciting activities: whether it be sunbathing or snorkeling, dancing or diving, searching for turtles or taking part in a beach boot camp session, Anne’s activities never get boring. But they all have one thing in common — they bring people together and out of their shells, to enjoy the great outdoors, feel the sun on their skin and the sand between their toes, all while making connections for life!

Laughing with the London We Do Play Theatre Group

For Cristina, Galina, and Constantin, acting isn’t just a hobby that they indulge in from time to time. Theatre is a big part of their lives, and the world is their stage! As Consuls of the London We Do Play Theatre Group, the Consul Team is driven to explore acting, not only as an art that takes place on stage, but rather an element of every day life. They believe that each person is made up by a multitude of characters, stepping in and out of the spotlight depending on the company they are with or the situation they find ourselves in.

The Consuls love to explore acting and theatre with their group, express their creativity through role playing, and push their boundaries to find the hidden actors inside of themselves. Cristina, Galina, and Constantin confess that the group spends a lot of time laughing together, even when they are not sure what it is that is so funny and made them laugh in the first place. Laughter is the best medicine, and the We Do Play Theatre Group gets a healthy dose!

Getting Technical with the Dallas Science and Technology Group

Home to one of the most diverse technology industries in the world, Dallas is the perfect place to explore the science behind life! Driven by his fascination for science, and motivated to understand the world around him, Ernesto opened the Dallas Science and Technology Group in 2015. What might appear at first glance as regular social get-togethers, are scientifically inspired activities on closer inspection. Ernesto combines enjoying a pint of beer with a tour to the brewery to understand the science behind brewing, a glass of wine with an excursion to a winery to learn about wine production technology, or a camping trip to view a total eclipse, and better understand astronomy and our solar system.

From scientists to IT specialists, pharmacists to real estate agents, Ernesto’s activities attract an eclectic bunch of people from all walks of life, each with a keen interest in the world around them. It goes without saying that Ernesto’s activities are always dominated by interesting and thought-provoking conversations, and everybody goes home a little bit smarter.

Part of the Family with the Lusaka Mingle and Wiggle Group

What do you do when you have too many hobbies, interests, and passions to fit in? This was the challenge that Brenda and Tabi faced when coming up with the idea for their new group in Lusaka. They wanted to create a unique group that was not limited to any particular activity, and that suited the range of tastes and desires of all of the members in their small community. After much deliberation, they finally decided on a name that encompassed their vision, the Lusaka Mingle and Wiggle Group!

The group has been a real team effort, and each month the Consuls involve their members in deciding which activities they should host. A wide array of activities have taken place since the group was formed, including board game evenings, days spent by the pool, barbeques, and charity drives. With members ranging in age from in their 20s to their 70s, the Consuls love bringing their group together, which they say feels like a big happy family. With a visit to a local orphanage and a karaoke night currently being planned, the group can certainly look forward to an interesting and meaningful year ahead.

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