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Three Ways to Reinvent Yourself Abroad

Being surrounded by new people and influenced by new cultures, there is never a better time to reinvent yourself and make some changes in your life than when you are moving abroad. Life in another country provides a new environment and new incentives to change yourself for the better. It’s an opportunity which shouldn’t be missed! Here are three ways to do it!

Take Up a New Hobby

Taking up a hobby abroad is a great idea and wonderful way to add to your life. Interests provide us with hobbies which keep the mind active and healthy, removing us from work and allowing us to focus on an activity solely for fun. The more quality and rewarding hobbies you have, the more content you will be. Taking up a new hobby can also help to make you feel more at home by distracting your mind from the concerns of adapting to life in a new country, and it’s a great way of making new friends. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to learn something new and try out activities which don’t exist in the countries we were born and raised in. Mastering a new hobby could be anything from cross-country skiing in Scandinavia to playing petanque in France.

One particularly fitting hobby to take up would be learning a language; an amazing opportunity with many benefits! If you’re moving to a country where your mother tongue is not spoken, learning a language will not only help you settle in and make your life abroad easier, but it will help you become a culturally aware, multilingual person — qualities which are appreciated by everyone. Multilingualism can open new doors in the work place as well. It is an invaluable skill and amazing for your career prospects.

Assess What’s Really Important in Your Life and Act On it

One amazing thing about living abroad is that it allows you to take a step back from life at home and see the bigger picture. Free of certain situations, stress, and your usual social circles, it’s possible to evaluate everything with a clear mind and to realize certain things that you may have never realized before. Assess what’s really important in your life — and act on it! For example, this could be your chance to cut out bad habits that aren’t beneficial to you, such as smoking or drinking alcohol.

It could even aid you in realizing how important family and friends are to you. Set yourself targets which help to improve these relationships and attribute your time to those who need and value it the most; call home regularly, send gifts and mementos to loved ones, and plan appropriately to maximize the time that you have with them.

After reflecting on your current situation, you can make sure you prioritize what you deem necessary and re-shape your life to better value these things, as well as ridding yourself of unnecessary hassle and strife. By taking these steps, you can become a happier, more care-free person.

Document Your Experience and Share It with the World

As an expat, you are blessed with the experience of living in a country different to the one you grew up in. For the next generation, your experience is invaluable and, by sharing it with the world, you could help future expats to learn more about their next destination and expat life in general. If you have found a way to fully make the most out of your time abroad — why not show others how to do the same.

Blogging is a fantastic way to achieve this, and it’s becoming ever more popular in today’s world. Expats such as yourselves have a unique perspective of the world which is valued and should be shared. These are perspectives experienced only by few, and all too often not celebrated as they should be. In sharing these perspectives and educating the next generation of global minds, expat blogs of all types have a role to play. Writing a blog will also provide you with a series of memories to look back on and is guaranteed to provide you with a fascinating account of your time as an expat. Maybe you will look back one day and be surprised about the transition you have gone through and the many ways in which being an expat allowed you to re-invent yourself.

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