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Witches’ Hats and Green Attire — InterNations in March

March is a month for colorful celebrations. Whether it was for carnival, Mardi Gras, or St. Patrick’s Day, expats and global minds across the globe dressed up and celebrated together. From witches’ hats to green drinks and attires, our members got together to have fun and make new friends!

Venetian Masks for the “Fifth Season”

Just because you’re an expat, doesn’t mean that you can’t attend a German carnival celebration. InterNations Moscow met at Paulaner Olympic, an authentic German restaurant, to celebrate the “fifth season”. Costumes were very much encouraged, and a Cologne native was there to explain the carnival traditions of Cologne to all guests. After some eating, drinking, and mingling, as well as a raffle and a prize for the best costume, everyone hit the dance floor.

The InterNations Community in Breda had made it their mission to throw a typically Dutch carnival party, full of color, joy, and fun. Members who attended the event could participate in a costume contest and win a glamorous award. The first 50 guests also received a Venetian mask, to ensure that even those without a costume could add some glamour to the event.

The Luck of the Irish

Despite being a typically Irish holiday, St. Patrick’s Day has taken the world by storm in recent years. From Porto to Oslo and from Taipei to Tashkent, our communities celebrated the luck of the Irish this month. Let’s take a look at the highlights!

The InterNations Community in The Hague hosted a green party on Friday to warm up for the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the city. Expats and global minds got together at Rootz, the beer bar in the heart of the city, for a party full of fun, friends, and everything green.

The dress code in Casablanca was “green, green, green”, as the community met at the only Irish pub in town. New members mingled with seasoned expats and everyone had a great time.

InterNations members in Shenzhen were invited to “party ‘til you’re green” and meet and mingle with other expats and global minds at the Irish bar Champs. The event came with fantastic live music, a lucky draw, an extended happy hour, as well as great company, of course.

In the heartland of the holiday, the Dublin Sports and Outdoors Group met up at Trinity College to watch the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Everyone donned their favorite green outfits and accessories and had a great time. Afterwards, the group headed to a local pub to enjoy a nice cool pint of Guinness.

St. Patrick’s Day was also a perfect occasion to celebrate for the Oslo Pub Nights Group. After “surviving” Christmas and New Year’s, group members got together for their next big celebration: to commemorate the patron saint of Ireland.

In São Paulo, not one but two groups got together to celebrate this cultural holiday. The São Paulo Singles Connect Group met on Saturday, 16 March, for a St. Patrick’s Warm Up to play snooker and listen to live music.

On Sunday, 17 March, the São Paulo Hang Outs Group got together in Vila Madalena for some Irish food and green draft beer.

And if you can still not get enough of St. Patrick’s Day, why not head to Taipei on 28 March and meet other expats and global minds for a final Irish event?

Thank you to all the Ambassadors and Consuls who organized these and other fantastic events and activities this month!

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