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A New Symbol for Making Life Easier for Expats

Munich, 3 June 2015
The world’s largest network for people who live and work abroad unveils its new corporate logo

Munich, 03 June 2015 – InterNations (, the largest network for people who live and work abroad, has just presented its new corporate logo together with the story about how the albatross bird became the network’s trademark. Germany-based InterNations has 1.7 million members in 390 cities around the world and about 4,000 events and activities with about 100,000 attendees overall are arranged through the platform every month.

A History of Success

InterNations was founded by Malte Zeeck, Philipp von Plato and Christian Leifeld in September 2007. Malte Zeeck and Philipp von Plato remain as co-CEOs of InterNations and have fostered the growth of the market-leading company to currently 1.7 million members and over 90 employees. In the last three years alone, the network quadrupled its number of registered members and tripled the staff’s size. In 2015 InterNations is putting its main focus on further enhancing the user experience on the platform – not only in terms of usability, but also regarding its design. The new logo of an albatross circumnavigating the globe combines everything InterNations stands for in a sleek and attractive design: A global community of open-minded individuals with a dynamic and international lifestyle.

Albatrosses Fly High

The albatross travels around the world, conquering longer distances than any other species. Yet often it maintains a special connection to its place of birth and every once in a while returns to its place of origin. Still, albatrosses spend most of their life in constant movement and can travel millions of kilometers in the course of their life.  

“What makes albatrosses special among birds is not only their great wingspan, but especially their natural behavior,” Malte Zeeck, Founder and Co-CEO of InterNations, explains. “Albatrosses are explorers and their whole life is a journey, which is why our new logo with an albatross circumnavigating the globe is a perfect symbol for the life of an expatriate.”

A Handpicked Community

From the moment an individual decides to move abroad until he or she has settled in and beyond, InterNations makes sure that the expatriate feels part of a safe and trusted community. 

“When it comes to challenges such as finding a doctor, opening up a bank account or joining an association without knowing the local language and culture, a trustworthy source of information is absolutely crucial. To ensure the quality of the network, InterNations membership is by approval only,” describes Zeeck. 

The InterNations Community of Trust seal visualizes the distinctive approval process that new applications for a membership have to pass: Everyone is required to register with their personal contact information and to state why they want to join. The data is then individually verified by a team of skilled experts.

About InterNations

With more than 5.3 million members in 420 cities around the world, InterNations is the largest global community and a source of information for people who live and work abroad. InterNations offers global and local networking and socializing, both online and face to face. At around 6,000 events and activities per month, expatriates have the opportunity to meet other global minds. Online services include discussion forums and helpful articles with personal expat experiences, tips, and information about life abroad. Membership is by approval only to ensure we remain a community of trust. InterNations is part of the New Work SE, a group of brands that offer products and services for a better working life.

Find more information about InterNations on our press page or in our magazine.

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Country-specific versions are available in different languages in the download section at the end of each press release and upon request.