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Moving to Aberdeen, what do I need to know ?!?!

Hello everyone,

I have been offered a permanent job in Aberdeen with net salary Protected content .

Would this salary be enough for renting some 2 bedroom apartment and for food and everything and to even save some money?

I am from Croatia and with my wife have two small kids.

I saw that this apartment can be found from Protected content Protected content , but nobody is mentioning the price of utilities (water, electricity, heating, etc.)

What is the average price of utilities for this kind of apartment ?

Also I saw some tax called council tax. It has some bands A-H, but don't know who pays this and how much.

What are the prices of daycare for 3.5 and 1.5 years old kids ?

So many questions and unknown things... like moving to unknown country :)

Thank you all in advance.

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