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Cyber Criminality : Please help one our Member (Abidjan)

Dear all,

One the Internations member based in India asked me to help with the below situation this morning.

I'm not an expert, Do you know what he can do?

Many thanks

Hello Ngono,
This was the last email from her I received. “ I say you go a mail and you ask to do an international mandate by WESTERN UNIONwith liquidity of €200 on this address included?
OK I tell you…
When you grow a post at the Western Union counter, you shall take a form ofidentification that you will need to fill out indicating the coordinates.
Once the form is filled with the details of my sister, you returns in addition to theamount a transfer at the counter so that the mandate could be done.
After all this, it you will be awarded a packing (shipping receipt) that will confirm thatthe mandate was done.
You must then always come back with this slip here and give me all the elementsrelating to the withdrawal of the mandate than proceed with the withdrawal of themandate it is to perform the mandate then vas y the ball is in your camp.
Therefore tomorrow in my drinks Email let me all the information if tomorrow I havenot receipt of message I te rotten life think ok “
And yes you can share my email ID : Protected content in the community for help.
Thank you.

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