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Finding a job when you are an Expat spouse :/ (Abidjan)

Finding a job in a foreing country can be really challenging when you are an expat's spouse and you don't have any friends...

I have always worked in my country of origin, but since i m following my husband first in Burkina Faso then in Abidjan i m wondering if i will find a job and have a professional life as before... I never thought that it was so hard to find a job especially because i speak 3 foreign languages and have a diploma in Political, social and juridical sciences... I thaught english and french in Burkina faso but it was not really a job a s a did it at home and for free../ just as a past time...

If you are a spouse and have no idea how to start. What’s your experience? I really need your advices.

Thank you ;)

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