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Intenrational British Club Paillotte (Abidjan)


I would like to introduce all members of InterNations to the International British Club Paillotte, formerly the International British Club, before that The British Club, and before that the Sailing Club des Amis Charantals !!

Located not far from The Institut Pasteur and the CSRS (Centre Suisse des Recherches Scientifiques, out along the road to Dabou, near the village of Abadjin Doume.

I am planning an Expeditionary Force to go and visit on Sunday 13th November at around 12h30. With the recent crisis the Club has been a little dormant. You can find more details in the "City Guide". For those of you who haven't been before, you will need to take a navigator, or form up in convoy with someone who has already been.

On this occasion, the Club will provide the charcoal and ice and other facilities for a modest entry charge of 2,500 F CFA per head, and you will need to bring your own food for the BBQ, and your drinks in an ice box. The current bar stocks at the club are very limited.

The Volley ball net will be pitched, so can someone bring a volley ball?

I am prepared to co-ordinate convoy meeting points and departures. I will need someone to take me there, as I no longer have a vehicle.

I will be posting a My Event" which will show photographs of the Club.

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