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Meeting New People (Abidjan)

Hello,I'm Jessica.My fiance has just relocated to Abidjan. He was born in Abidjan,but hasn't been home since he was 5 years old. He is not only unfamiliar with the area, but also almost knows no one.While this is a great experience for him as he is connecting with his roots,adjusting to life in Abidjan will take some time to get use to. He has always been very cultured,diverse,and open to new things as he embraces where he came from.By the way he is coming from the suburbs of Chicago in the United States. We would greatly appreciate your support and would like to return the favor,taking the time to get know any expats who can relate or anyone for that matter! He does speak French in addition to English.His mother has always used French along with English in the household. If you would like to connect be sure to reach me at email, Protected content and we can go from there.

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