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Question about living in Abidjan

Hi everyone!
I am a young psychologist graduated from Belgium. Since my graduation, I had few experiences in my field in Mumbai ( for a year) and in NYC where I am living for now ( since Jan.). I am thinking about going in Abidjan next year for few reasons. First, even I am a fluent English speaker, I would rather work with my first language which is French. Then, I would like to have another professional experience in a country which is still developing day after day. Also, In Mumbai, I used to work with slums's children then I worked for an International school. I chose these professional experiences to get closer and to understand the famous social, economic and cultural contrast in this society. I have to admit that after having these experiences ( and I am talking about experiences I am having in NYC for now also) I am 100% sure that I want to work with people which have difficulties related to some social, cultural and economics constraints.
I would like to have your general feedback about living in Abidjan. I know it's a difficult exercise but I am sure it will serve us .
Thanks a lot

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